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A blog dedicated to those looking for hope, encouragement and insight as they live life in the world of Autism.

Introduction to Thriving on the Spectrum

   Zack Migioia - Sunday, August 03, 2014

Welcome to Thriving on the Spectrum, a blog dedicated to those looking for hope, encouragement and insight as they live life in the world of Autism. Thriving on the Spectrum is for anyone who knows and loves someone affected by ASD and wants to understand more about Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and wants to discover better ways to relate to and understand that child, brother, sister, parent, friend, neighbor or any loved one who might be on the spectrum.  Thriving on the Spectrum is also for any individual who might be on the autism spectrum (a lot of us are!) and seeks to be a resource to anyone who might be looking for information and support.

It's a joy and privilege to begin this blog for three primary reasons:

1. We have the incredible opportunity to work with those affected by ASD and truly desire to have this blog serve as a resource and a beacon of hope and encouragement for the rough days and challenging seasons that many families and individuals go through.

2. Thrive ABA Consulting LLC is absolutely sold out and committed to helping individuals with ASD and their families (and their families in italics) move forward and receive quality care and support.  It is not easy living with ASD and most of us do not really understand what the day to day grind is like, but Thrive ABA Consulting LLC wants to give back and make a difference, so this blog is one attempt to be apart of a positive change in routine.

3. Informing and empowering parents, guardians, and/or caregivers is the key to helping connect the puzzle pieces for those who live with, know, and/or love someone with ASD.  This blog seeks to inform you about the latest research, funding sources/initiatives, treatment options, interventions, strategies, and other resources that might help you and your child.  This blog also seeks to deeply encourage you and instill hope and resolve as you strive forward to care for and help your child with ASD.

Keep thriving on the spectrum!

Zack Migioia MA, BCBA, LBA
Zack Migioia MA, BCBA, LBA
Director & Founder
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